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Ray Poon was born in Hong Kong and now settled in Taiwan after studying arts in Paris. As a member of the diaspora and an outsider within the Taiwanese community, he is interested in the global and local tension of identity and power relationship and structure between subjects, tactically evident in his textural and structural compositions of his installation works.
In 2003, Ray Poon did an art residency at the Cité des Arts in Paris. In 2006, he has curated “A Realm with No Coordinates--The Gaze and the Division in the Contemporary Art Creation of Taiwan and Hong Kong”, an exchange exhibition between Taiwan and Hong Kong artists to examine the tension of identity given by the fact of globalization and the rise of mainland China.
Since 2004, Ray Poon has been creating image installations and exhibitions that use daily life materials. His major installation Amplifier to Zero demonstrates our frustration in getting in touch with ourselves in today's world and our retreat to a private space where the most intimate relationships can be found.

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