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Yao Chung-Han
electronic device,
500x 500x 270 cm
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“The gap between the points of departure and destination.”

The moment when the neon lights are switched on, changes in electric voltage trigger flashes in the fluorescent tubes, as well as variations in sound effects.

Controlled by the computer system, 0.07 second, 0.02 second or 0.01 second are set as the power-switching times for each respective fluorescent tube. In this project, the 33-cm fluorescent lamps are carried out by the same switch circuit. In other words, when the power switch receives signals from the computer system, all the fluorescent lamps would perform the same act at the same time. However, as soon as the fluorescent lamps are switched on, the inherent physical phenomenon would trigger various lighting frequencies for each respective tube in a random fashion. The sounds, also digitally controlled by computer programs, feature both feeble humming of the fluorescent lights and its higher-volume counterpart, which is amplified by 80 times.

un- is a piece of sound installation, in which large rhythmic changes are controlled by the artist, whereas delicate and minute rhythmic changes are the result of the physical phenomenon produced by the neon light itself. The latter therefore tends to be random and unpredictable.

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New Media Art
Born 1981 in Taipei, Taiwan. YAO devoted himself to sound, installations and live performances. His works showed the dialogue between lights and sounds, trying to evoke the sense of the bodies of audiences. Fluorescent tubes and laser were constan ...
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