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Halfway Night Recipes-Construction continued
Chang En-Man
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About Halfway Night In 2008, a group of people got to know each other on the occasion of Wild Strawberries Movement. In 2009, they collaborated to run the Go Straight Café as an experimental and open space for the purpose of organizing a community and taking actions. 2012, Go Straight Café closed down. Since then, individuals drifted from one café to another, sitting on unfamiliar sofas till they met each other again. In 2014, Halfway Café hit the road.

Halfway Café is a project as well as a platform for those who lost in directions or languages finding their own place. In order to continue creating publicness, Halfway made an analogy of itself and a country and develops four political routes: currency, mutual aids wall, farming and night canteen.

Above all, Halfway Night Canteen bases on a concept of “a store with another store”(a country inside another country) and puts individual/public self-governance into practice. From Monday to Sunday, a chef of each day cooks thematic meals related to their background in-store. Here, food is a medium for delivering beliefs. It can activate any possibilities and even revolutions. It discloses values that we choose to survive.

a publishing project En Maan Chang was fascinated by Halfway. She explored the proposed a collaboration. Firstly, she became resident-chef in Halfway Night canteen and got to know the community and the space better. She lately interviewed night canteen chefs and edited it for publishing a trial issue of Halfway Night Recipes in order to understand an individual/collective’s attitude, knowledge, experiences as well as the culture and political position behind. Her intention was to picture a networking and portray a community conscious and even a collective consciousness of utopia.

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