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Hsu Su-Chen
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,TV,Mixed Media Installation
Dimensions Variable
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Living in the technological age has also transformed the accounts of those people who have auditory hallucinations or delusions of persecution. They have started having paranoid delusions of being monitored and watched, and they feel that their private thoughts are being spread via the Internet.

This kind of mental illness with "civilization-conditioned symptoms" makes the patients disturbed and anxious in body and mind, leaving them in an ambiguous, strange, confused condition. Those who realize they have paranoid delusions and auditory hallucinations perhaps negate real life and imbue their false impression with a sense of reality. Persons who listen to the patients' accounts can’t decide if the stories are true or false.

Now I have put myself in a living space that is full of monitors: cell phone, bathroom camera, bedroom camera, and even a circular video camera in the car. This is similar to my experience of the false impressions recounted by those patients. I am living in this monitoring system designed by myself, living and performing, defending myself and watching, becoming an ambiguous human zone.
The exhibition space has been designed to closely resemble a real home. The audience can use the medium of the recorded monitoring images to submit themselves to newly-understood relationships between individuals. The media, however, is only a kind of constraint on real communication. In particular, with regard to absolute beliefs, it enters a cycle of weirdness, like the way a patient with paranoid delusions comprehends reality.

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Work Background 2010-2013, Honorary Chairperson and Executive Supervise of Taiwan Women's Art Association; 2009-2013, Independent Investigator of Sustainable Built Environment Research Center, Chung Yuan Christian University; 200 ...
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