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Dwelling Behind the Curtain
Dwelling Behind the Curtain
color with sound
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There is a residence inhabited by the animal-headed blue-collar robots on the other side of this iron sheet. Ordinary white-collar robots are not able to enter or to see this place. This is the most important habitat of the blue-collar robots. I think, if human beings were still here, they would invite Discovery channel to make a documentary about the living environment in this dwelling. Later, they would give it to the white-collar workers to show of how bad some environments in this world can be, and how great is the world in which they live. Such disparity should be reassuring, and give a feeling of superiority and control.

Although I very much abhore those who take advantage of the weak ones, but I bribed pig-headed robots with a serial number p102i358g645 working in the food factory to help me to secretly take pictures of the iron sheets. For me, these pictures are like an archeological collection. I heard that everything is about to be swept away because of the cityscape hindrance. In the future, all of them will live in a dark underground, and there will be only beautiful cities and briliant white-collar robots on the ground.

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Born in Nantou in 1980, I-Chun Chen entered the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory at Tainan National University of the Arts in 2010 after receiving her master’s degree from the Graduate School of Arts & Technology at Taipei National Univ ...
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