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Very Funny – An Instant Imagination of a Disaster
color with sound
color with sound
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The fragmentized events are completed by the remaining documents. The gaps in-between have to be filled up with narrations or memories. I try to figure out what caused the midnight escape twenty years ago. Collecting fragments of details, I map out a general picture to search for a clear scene, gradually clarifying the one-time puzzle. Even though the information I have mainly comes from the government, field research and on-site visits allow me to understand some part of it. People sometimes experience something surrealistic with a violent strike. The Subject is out of control, and the disappearing physicality has to accept, and even to tolerate, the ongoing situation. In this bazaar disorder of the society, we circle an area which seems to be safe within the boundary and put inside the scenery with guaranteed safety. A gas truck accident trigged a deadly fire, several night-shift workers in the industrial district ran away in the middle of the night before the area got crowded in daytime. I picture the history by the fragments which used to be unknown to us, visualizing the physical perceptions, the fear, and torments experienced at the moment and ever since then to comfort the victims and those who escaped.

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Video Art , Painting
Born in Nantou in 1980, I-Chun Chen entered the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory at Tainan National University of the Arts in 2010 after receiving her master’s degree from the Graduate School of Arts & Technology at Taipei National Univ ...
CHEN I-Chun, 2011, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2012, Painting
CHEN I-Chun, 2008-2009, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2010, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2016, Video Art
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CHEN I-Chun, 2013, Video Art , Painting
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CHEN I-Chun, 2015-2016, Painting
CHEN I-Chun, 2018, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2013, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2015, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2009, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2017, Video Art
CHEN I-Chun, 2015-2016, Video Art