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Aino and Leif
Aino and Leif
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Aino and Leif
A man reborn as a girl meets a clone of himself from a previous life

I cannot recall my previous life...
it is like a faraway dream for me.

Sometimes I have this nice feeling when I play music.
I feel I am not me anymore, I am something else –– like a bird or a boat.

Now when I look at him, he is just a stranger to me.
It is so weird to see how I looked like in my previous life.

Do we have similar souls?
What is the "me" that lives inside my body and the one in his body?
The memory of him must be lost in some place where no one knows how to go.

But I think I am happy to meet him.
He looks like a nice guy.

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Wang Yahui’s works include videos, installations, and photographs. She has held residencies at Location One (New York, 2006), Cité des Arts (Paris, 2007), and the Helsinki International Artist Programme (Helsinki, 2010). Her work has been shown in ...
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