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House and Cake Series
Lin Yu-Ting
House and Cake Series─3 floors of country house
House and Cake Series─old apartment
House and Cake Series─house
House and Cake Series─residential district
House and Cake Series─renewal district
House and Cake Series─clubs
House and Cake Series─community in night time
House and Cake Series─shops
House and Cake Series─military comunity
House and Cake Series─townhouses
House and Cake Series─rooftop additions
House and Cake Series─two townhouses
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The theme of the works is the living environment, where Taiwanese architectures during the 1960s to the 1980s were sampled, including townhouse, villa with garage, apartment grille, and rooftop annex, and then transformed via the Cake Decorating Technique to give these familiar landscapes another look. From the visual delight and imagination of taste brought by the cake prototype, the works also delivered the implicit image of warm and happy “homes” from these vernacular architectures. The integration of house and cake awakens the past happy times once occurred inside the house, and from which the hidden relationships between objects and their possible flow were discovered.

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Lin,Yu-Ting was born in 1982 in Tainan. I wanted to create certain scenery that would eagerly prompt people to think over the traces in life, and to experience a familiar sense of unfamiliarity from the little details that we thought We are ...
Lin Yu-Ting, , Sculpture
Lin Yu-Ting, 2014, Sculpture
Lin Yu-Ting, , Sculpture
Lin Yu-Ting, , Sculpture