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The Quest for Mandala: including Wanderers of the Abyssal Darkness, The Lasting Spring
Yang Mao-Lin
The Auspicious Oz Anglerfish
LED,crystal,Gold Foil,stainless-steel
71x46x125 cm
The Great Oz Swallowers
LED,stainless-steel,Gold Foil
292x102x253 cm
The Oz Goblin Shark
LED,stainless-steel,,Gold Foil,acrylic
62x67x122 cm
The Oz Stoplight Loosejaw
LED,stainless-steel,,Gold Foil
74x53x119 cm
The Cutes Oz Pearlscale(Female)
LED,stainless-steel,Gold Foil,Gold Foil,Resin
150x80x98 cm
Wanderers of the Abyssal Darkness
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Yang Mao-lin had analyzed his own personality: fifty percent of deep sea fish which is bizarre, eccentric and lonely, twenty percent of gold fish which is nerdy, slow-minded and cutesy and thirty percent of tropical fish which is glamorous and longing for social life. Therefore, he has decided to display this concept in three parts to finish his series of works Searching for Mandala. By employing The Wizard of Oz which tells the allegorical story of Dorothy, along with her companions Lion, Tin man and Scarecrow, in search of courage, love and wisdom in Oz, he has created Searching for Mandala to make an inquiry for what are the truth and the meaning of life.

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Painting , Installation Art , Sculpture
The history of Taiwan is replete with numerous cultural interactions, the constant interplay of which has resulted in the evolution of unique cultural DNA. Over many years, Yang Mao-lin has consistently used art as a vehicle to express his opinion ...
Yang Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting
Yang Mao-Lin, 2006-2009, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2003-2006, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2005-2007,
Yang Mao-Lin, 2009-2011, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2002-2003, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 1989-1991, Painting
Yang Mao-Lin, 2007-2009, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting