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Yao Chung-Han
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In the work Scattered Landscape, creator has recorded a segment of artificial sounds in 36 fluorescent tubes.

He used the varying distances between the microphone and the fluorescent tubes as well as the number of the tubes themselves to find minor differences in the sounds. As such type of sounds generated by the great number of fluorescent tubes does not happen in our everyday lives, thus audiences could have more imagination by the sounds.

Creator likes to listen to the imagination from people who listen to them: some audiences say they are like insects fluttering their wings; others say they remind them of traffic congestion, while yet others sat they sound like Thai dancing in a fast tempo.


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New Media Art
YAO Chung-Han hold an MFA in Technological and Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. He employs the corresponding and contrasting relations of light and sound trigger viewers’ imagination of physical senses. A pioneer in Taiwan’s sound ...
Yao Chung-Han, 2008-2011, New Media Art
Yao Chung-Han, 2011, New Media Art
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Yao Chung-Han, 2008-2010, New Media Art
Yao Chung-Han, 2007, New Media Art
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