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A Story About Affection
Yang Mao-Lin
A Story About Affection-Tragedy
Copper,Gold Foil,
A Story About Affection-Extraordinary Love Vajradhara
Copper,Gold Foil
120x87x54 cm
A Story About Affection-Beloved King Kong Vajradhara
Copper,Gold Foil
110x110x60 cm
A Story About Affection-Beloved of Mermaid Vajradhara
Copper,Gold Foil
138x115x75 cm
A Story About Affection-Joyful Frog Prince Vajradhara the Twelve Invincible Frogs
stainless-steel,Gold Foil
151x112.5x66 cm (Deities)
A Story About Affection-Joyous Sleeping Beauty Vajradhara
stainless-steel,Gold Foil
119x75x71cm(Sleeping Beauty and Prince)
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What Yang Mao-lin is trying to say here is that since ancient times humanity’s shared and mutually cultivated feelings of joy, sorrow, infatuation and anger – so-called love – are just that pure and simple, at once frivolous yet deep. Over the long haul, what he has repeatedly experienced and is constantly relearning is that these originally imaginary love stories can often still bring out a lot of emotions in him. Whether with the three tragic love stories in copper or the three comedy love stories in stainless steel, he has used the form and postures of the tantric Laughing Buddha to “deify” them, imbuing them with the common thread of the Lotus Position. And as to one of the symbolic characteristics of Buddhist statuary – the backlighting of the holy Buddha – he has employed the flat surface techniques of relief sculpture and engraving to display a summary visual marker for the whole of the romantic love story, creating the effect of a symbolically sacred backlighting, expounding upon the idealized purity and sacredness of love in his mind’s eye.

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Painting , Installation Art , Sculpture
The history of Taiwan is replete with numerous cultural interactions, the constant interplay of which has resulted in the evolution of unique cultural DNA. Over many years, Yang Mao-lin has consistently used art as a vehicle to express his opinion ...
Yang Mao-Lin, 2003-2006, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 1989-1991, Painting
Yang Mao-Lin, 2002-2003, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2012-, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting
Yang Mao-Lin, 2005-2007,
Yang Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting
Yang Mao-Lin, 2006-2009, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2009-2011, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
Yang Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture