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Sweet Dream
Huang Po-Chih
Sweet Dream
Sweet Dream
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I am haunted by the enormous curiosity, and as it approaches closer, the more bounded I feel. Desire is just as natural as metabolism, and it keeps on appearing persistently. The body in movement comes from the pleasurable desires in dreams, and it embodies yearnings that are full of layers of temptations and are unable to be integrated.

Work Description:

'Sweet Dream' creates fluid images with the help of a scanner. During scanning, the body parts are intentionally dragged or pulled, so to produce residual, lengthened, or 3D images. Moving the scanner also creates overlapping or misplaced effect. The familiar shapes of the body, whether it frowns, closes eyes, curls, stretches or is squeezed, thus forms dynamic frame in the fast or slow flow composed by the tens of thousands consecutive images. The high resolution of the scanner helps present a microcosmic photography-like quality. I scratched my skin before scanning so that my enlarged pores, grazed and scabbing skin are all shown in different quality than the normal skin. After the processing like the base of painting, the scanned images consist of multi-layers effects.

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New Media Art
Huang Po-Chih was born in Taiwan in 1980. His past works are mainly paintings and graffiti. Now are sound/video works that shows the delicate quality of handiwork despite employing digital technology as the chief medium. Recently, he works on proj ...
Huang Po-Chih, 2006, New Media Art
Huang Po-Chih, 2007, New Media Art