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HSIAO Sheng-Chien
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He graduated from Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University in 2001. In 2003, He got Yageo Tech-Art Award and had been to the artist residence at Location 1 gallery in New York city for 6 months. His works are presented in some exhibition, art museum and public art project. During university, He had aimed at the form of water and ink painting which focused on Buddhist, east philosophy and concerned about the bottom heart of human being.

He has changed the presentation form with technological art after studying Tainan National University in 1999. He is good at using electric sensor, computer program and motor machine which have designed and pre-recorded to tie in careful inter-logical for creating an atmosphere where audiences can interact with the image or machine of works.

Attempting through the process of interacting, conducting and changing in the audiences’ mentality, he would like to confer and satirize the strange relationship in civilized society nowadays, or express his ideas about some ridiculous and hypocritical phenomenon. Though he always use complicated program design, electric sensor and image technique, he prefer using some junk machine or electric component as material to model the main work.

Therefore, his work presents a depraved and ruined industry civilization. He doesn’t only want to hide the distance sedulously in hi-technology which is fashion, cold and simple in high quality trend, but also try to pursue the esthetic low-technology which is handy, structural and rough.

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Summer Night| Hsiao Sheng-Chien Solo Exhibition
YIRI ARTS , Kaohsiung , Taiwan
Post-Nature: A Museum as an Ecosystem - Taipei Biennial 2018
Taipei Fine Arts Museum , Taipei , Taiwan
Focused Movement
Double Square Gallery , Taipei , Taiwan
Tropical Cyclone
Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts , Taipei , Taiwan
New York , USA

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Summer Night
Modern industrial civilization has changed our life style and the natural environment for good. The scenery of the beautiful landscape is fading. The noise of traffic replaces birds’ chirping and frogs’ croaking in our memories. In search of the sound of the childhood memory, I delve into the light and the noise produced by the mechanical equipment of industrial civilization, trying to recreate the trees’ shadow in moonlight which used to shelter my sweet dreams. Unlike my previous wor ...
New Media Art ,
computer , Sensor , projector ,
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Man in the Shadow
When one comes to see the exhibit and sits in the chair provided - the participant will see their shadow being reflected on the wall. They become part of the piece as actors interacting with a stranger’s projected shadow which is part of the video work. The audience is compelled to participate in the work. When seeing their own shadow being attacked or teased by the shadow I created, a change in mood from the audience is what I am interested in examining. Do they feel anger? Do they ...
New Media Art ,

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New Media Art ,

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New Media Art ,
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