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WU Mali
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Graduating from Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (the Arts Academy of the City of Düsseldorf) in Germany, Wu Mali currently teaches in the Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Art at National Kaohsiung Normal University. Following the tradition of avant-garde, Wu Mali’s artistic practice and research focus on what art can do in the public sphere. In the 1990, she started to criticize the society and the political situation from the feminist perspective in her works. In the beginning of 2000, she launched a series of community-based projects of new public art, including the collaboration with “Playing with Clothes Workshop” organized by Awakening Foundation in Awake in Your Skin (2000-2004) which reverses the tradition of women’s needlework and discusses women’s lives through clothes and weaving, Art as Environment : A Cultural Action on Tropic of Cancer (2005-2007) in Chiayi County which attempts to encourage the cultural participation of the residents in rural areas, the project By the River, on the River, of the River – A Community Based Eco-Art Project in 2006, the collaboration with community university in Restore Our Lost Territories – Along the Keelung River which attempts to stimulate more discussions on river and the present environmental issues, the collaborative project Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek with Bamboo Curtain Studio which reexamines the issues about ecological cities and urban development through an ignored creek. She has won the 11th Taishin Visual Art Award in 2013 with Art as Environment: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek.

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Breakfast at the Plum Tree Creek
行動地點:淡水樹梅坑溪週邊 展出地點:竹圍工作室 Since the 2011 Lunar New Year, we had organized breakfast meeting in the last weekend of every month. Our location varied according to the seasons, and the project lasted for one year. In the breakfast meetings, we not only invited artists in the project Environmental Art Movement at Plum Tree Creek but also the professionals in different fields to share their ideas. Most importantly, a casual talk like this not only let us to know more about the residents living aro ...
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Environmental Art Movement at Plum Tree Creek
行動地點:淡水樹梅坑溪 展出地點:竹圍工作室 Around the river mouth behind MRT Zhuwei Station in New Taipei City, we walk along the villages to search for the traces of Plum Tree Creek. Sometimes it is like a stinky ditch; sometimes it hides beneath the asphalt road, sometimes it is braced by cement; sometimes it appears like a polluted creek. Through the human activities on the land, Plum Tree Creek becomes the best symbol and metaphor to examine our life in the city. River trekking allows us to reflect on the i ...
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Taipei Tomorrow as a Lake Again
The whole world is paying particular attention to the issues of global warming and climate change. Many countries are trying to think of solutions and strategies to deal with these challenges. Although Taiwan also has lots of professionals in these specialized fields, no one comes up with a plan to integrate all. The purpose of the project is to create a platform through art, creating works in collaboration with space professionals and environmental activists. By organizing workshops and acti ...
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Fault Route Action
The Chi-Shan Fault extends through Yenchao, Kaoshiung and creates a mud volcano around the area. Its unusual geography influences the people who live there, although we do not necessarily fully understand the unique phenomenon of the surroundings. The project invites participators to run through the predecided route and pass the activities predesigned at each outpost, suggesting that we should know our surroundings better through experiences.
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WU Mali, 2006~2007, Performance Art
WU Mali, 2006, Performance Art
WU Mali, 2005, Performance Art
WU Mali, 2000~2004, Performance Art
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