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TING Li-Ping
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Interdisciplinary artist born in Taiwan and work at Paris from 1989 to 2012.

Language Spoken Read Write: French/English/Chinese+Dialect Taiwan as mother language Study Philosophy at Taipei Changchi University and get the Master of Theater Education at University of Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle( master theme en Beckett theater and Cage contemporary music and Martin Heidegger, «Acheminement vers la parole» aesthetics).

She is now residency artist at Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan, working project: «noisy-words-silence», a future sounding installation with her visual poetry «Nos Souffles d'Echos- Mur de Murmure» 2013 - 2014.

From 1998 to 2004 in Paris, she had co-organized «Topophonie », a group of sounds experimentation and performance in public space, «In-Formo» a live Interdisciplinary review from 2002 to 2006 and In-Ouïr Interdisciplinary festival«ça vaut jamais le réel» from 2004 to 2008 at Paris Instants Chavirés.

She had important art collaboration with French and American artistes as: Poet Serge Pey («Crisis» Poetry Action/ Poet Julien Blaine and PoetJohn Giorno (for Homage en Robert Filliou), with contemporary composers Luc Ferrari (voice work Madame de Shanghai) / Malcolm Goldstein (composition «Fragments») / French-Spain Artist Performer Esther Ferrer.

From 1999 to 2014 her Art-Actions are appreciated by different festivals of Poetry and Art-Actions performance en France/Europe/Canada/Asia as Polyphonix (Paris), Polysonneries (Lyon), LieuxCommuns (Paris), RIAP (Canada), ESPAI (Spain), MIPAF (Macao, China), CCCD (Hongkong), Infr'Action (Sète France), Printemps du Poete(Rennes), CavePoesie(Toulouse) ,Ciap Land art center Vassivière(Limousan France), RIAP(Canada), ESPAI(Spain), MIPAF(Macao, China), CCCD(Hongkong), Infr'Action (Sète France), China city Beiging ,XiAn, Ximen, Shenjen, Hongkong, APIAF(Taiwan Tainan) etc.

Keep active for different collaboration with experimental musicians, she takes parts in lots of improvisation music festivals in France (such as festivals of Musiques Actions/Densités/Sonorités/Instansts Chavirés etc), in Germany and south Italy from 1999-2013. Concert meeting in situ on spring 2013 at Taipei en ruin factory for festival Mixing Membrane.

In 2013, she make a European turn of contemporary and improvisation music collaboration and meeting ,more than 10concerts trip on South Korea (THC Sehoul)and France (CIAP-Land Art Vassivière with Ensemble Hiatus/ Hénokia- Ephémères#4 at Paris/ Horlieu at Montélimar/Bruit de la Musique at Creuse) In 2014 By Art of Performance festival different festival invitation in China et at Taiwan, She make her interdisciplinary research and her exploration journey on this Art of In-Situ!

Part of her art work will be collected, published and edition at France and at Italy: Sardaigne Villasor residency of Serge Pey on [Crisis ]+ her [ Paper-Timing ] Art action works archive en Edition ERES, N°77 de Revue Chimeres, Chaosmos -lecture en Felix Guattari.

She conceives her art project as a process of exchange with audiences or with inhabitants, focus on their interdependency relationships and their environmental survival existence condition.

Her art action work on direct with the audience perception, keep in edge on their body mind's transformation by point our inner architecture of being at different scales of rupture/gaps/alteration.

By Vocal experimental sounding with perception in body-mind inner-architecture explorations, on Oriental Zhuang Zi's philosophy as a corner stone research, her Poetry as Art-Action, keep exploration on the humanity and environmental sounds experiments, she hopes that through improvisation in the arts in-situ, developed series of her Poetry Art-Action “as a source to”; for People survival value for the ever-present disturbing nature, facing chaos and dark environment, seeking human concern, caring and practice of art!

Place of Birth
Place of Residence
Université Sorbonne Nouvelle - Paris 3
BA Department of Philosophy
National Chengchi University
"Nos Souffle d’Echo - Mur de Murmure" sounds and visual poetry installation
Taipei Artist Village , Taipei , Taiwan
"VACUUM" Installation
Taiwan Hsin Chu City Film Museum , Taipei , Taiwan
Art Call FREE INDIVIDUAL TRIP ON FREEDOM , Poetry en Freedom, Visual Work
OxWarehouse , Macao , China
" 七步故事 7x7 City body mind wandering"video installation
Museu de Arte de Macau , Macao , China
2000, 2004, 2006
France Paris + Never County « ’掀起蓋頭慶典Fête de Dévoilement » Residency -Creation
Paris , France
France Paris Cité des ARTS Scholarship Residency- Creation
Paris , France

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Paper-Timing en Asia
«All human being», « Humanity source» Word! Artists and audiences through the word form and meaning of «person/human being«人», through this printed word en the transparent paper, have moved up to the body building mechanics, construction of «life and humanity», as face-to-face dialogue between human being; then, through the «people and the environment» deeper confrontation in our contemporary life, make our reflections on urgent! Scene invites the audience using A4 copy paper fo ...
Performance Art ,

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Year:2012~2013 Artist Statement: the Turtle language vesting? Free A3 format visual tour of poetry Personal freedom of poetry, rolled it into a paper bomb, paper flowers, fine confetti; With Minimun / Gap / Maximum meaning, clinging to the mark three Oracle tortoise shell plate painting. Language belongs to the poem by Oracle turtle asked, writing: the personal freedom of poetry, or personal freedom of poetry,Self and the reasons for (and by)-free terms staggered; And ...
Performance Art ,
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7 Marche en Poésie choregraphy for Trio
Hit innocent A huge rock What I Being Erosion of stone pumice? Engraving by pierre ponce time? A second Act. My simple humble little rock Insects breathe body Cyclone forced Valley RAID Circled the stone whispers Required during the awakening Sink Once the giant body bent straight up Sink After setbacks in silence the scroll Odd-even-numbered countless stumbling landing Sink! Stone amaz ...
Performance Art ,
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7 Marche en Poésie /camera shooting as one fragement of Poetry –Action,IN SITU
As poetry reflex ion, a self body physical observation dialogue with the audience : To question about our perceiving body/mind. From human body reality to our environmental reality, to make invitation to the audience for city's body mind trip View to examine, within the human body, irregular detail, sleepwalk a schema is not enough building ruins of the impotent man can conquer nature;Through the body to breathe,sweat, saliva, eyes, teeth, tongue, belly button, and unscientific me ...
Performance Art ,
TING Li-Ping, 2009, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2013, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014.06 & 10, Performance Art
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