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HUANG Da-Wang (yingfan)
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As a self-taught bedroom musician, yingfan began his “music career” since mid-teen, and left many recordings unreleased. After returning from a five-year-and-half stay in Osaka, Japan with more pieces, with experiences of sessions and live performances at underground music scenes in Kansai, he has been known a pioneer of outsider music at Taipei's underground scene, and been invited and commissioned to perform at many events. Among Huang's music projects, “yingfan's Blackwolf Nagashi” project which combines comedy songs and storytelling is best known as his lifework, the rest include improvised music and power electronics, also bands and improvisation units like the psychedelic blues trio “Les forts invisisbles”, sound recording and improvisation group “Minkoku Hyakunen (Honorary Mention of Sound Art and Digital Musics, Ars Electronica, 2012 )”, harsh noise duo “Taipei Hot Winter” etc. Yingfan also notorious as performing artist, actor, director, visual artist, writer, Japanese-Mandarin translator and interpreter.

Gerontological Nursery vol.1(c/w K2”Ready Where You Are”; Senko-issha / 2019)
SCUM POETRY(New Jade Peak/ 2018)
With a Slightly Finger Move(Off - Record Label / 2017 )
Tourette’s Songbook (Kandala Records – Orange Disk / 2016)
Yingfan's Blackwolf Nagashi of Absence (Kandala Records – Orange Disk / 2014)
Darra Vita (Kandala Commune - New Jade Peak / 2013 )
Yingfan's Blackwolf Nagashi in Bedroom (Kandala Records / 2012)
Minkoku Hyakunen: Project Integration/Interpretation Into Tenryu City (Kandala Records / 2011)

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