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In the domain of contemporary art production, curators and art critics are facing the same problem of artists- the vanishment of authorship. Thus the goals of this database are to provide traceable trails for lost art propositions or cultural issues. This database is expected to be reconnected to the disappeared with visible format. In the long run it is to grow into an open framework instead of a close linear art history. With clauses and subclauses similar to that of encyclopedia, and with online superlinks between keywords, this database draws out a topography attributed by curators and art critics, and a cartography of contemporary Taiwanese art.

The is no such occupation as a pure curator for “curator” is an ambiguous word. This profession emerging from the needs of exhibitions requires many different tasks from administration, venue design and cultural study, among other affairs. Even a model curator has to adjust her/his tasks from time to time because of the reflective nature of curatorial work. The propositions and the styles of their jobs change. Curators who are also artists, or gallery organizers, or scholars, or any other professionals will all be included by this database so the brilliant topography of curatorship in contemporary Taiwan will be outlined.

In today’s art industry, art critics enjoy least benefits compared to all other professionals although their writing is not unlike artistic creation. They apply highly logical and narrative words, and through the norms of art criticism, to share us their insightful observation and thoughts. Some art critics bridge art and the public with report-like articles, some others clarify or defend artworks from being misunderstood. As critics, they work on the edge and advance toward new territories by employing new approaches and new thinking. The creativity of art criticism is no less than artists. Hopefully this section of database will bring attention to this overlooked profession.

With very limited resources, the construction of the database for art curators and art critics began from the most active curators and critics currently and will gradually expand the timetable toward both ends.
Although a database, at certain degree, has to categorize each individual based on the inclination of their personal art career, putting art curators and art critics into different frameworks might not be the best strategy for Taiwan’s current conditions. At this stage we take a relatively loosened exampling and set out from two directions: What Curatorial Work/Art Criticism Can Do? What Curatorial Work/Art Criticism Are Doing? These two questions shape this section of database.
At the first stage 20 to 25 art curators/art critics will be included. Information covers their biographies, exhibitions, curatorial proposals(realized as well as unrealized), and their writings. This way is not to document them but to establish examples for future reference in the case of database expansion and supplement. Meanwhile, the superlinks between keywords and digital media save it from being too narrow, providing a flowing openness that is able to reflect and update the changing development of contemporary Taiwanese art. Thus the value of reference of this database won’t decrease over time.
CHU Feng-Yi  
HSU Fong-Ray  
CHENG Shao-Hung  
WANG Jui-Hsu  
Lin Yu-Hsuan  
LIU Hsing-Yu  
CHANG Chun-Yi  
LEE I-Chih  
LIANG Ting-Yu  
TSAI Ping-Ju  
CHU Fang-Yi  
Chang, Li-Hao  
Chin Ya Chun  
Sing Song-Yong  
Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC)  
HUANG Sun-Quan  
CHEN Wei-Ching, Joanne  
KAO Jun-Honn  
NI Tsai-Chin  
HUANG Hai-Ming  
HO Yu-Kuan  
CHEN Hsiang-Wen  
Chang May-Ling  
CHEN Chia-Jen  
CHEN Tai-Sang  
LIN Chi-Ming  
HUANG Hsiang  
LU Pei-Yi  
CHIU Chun-Ta Yves  
Roan Ching-Yueh  
Lin Chen-wei  
Underhill Chen  
YANG Chia-Hsuan  
LUO He-Lin  
HSU Su-Chen  
SUN Yi-Cheng  
YU Wei  
Chang Hwei-Lan  
Huang Shan-Shan  
Chen Wei-Chien  
LAI Yi-Hsin  
Wang Sheng-Hung  
Jian Tzu-Chieh  
Li Szu-Hsien  
WU Shang-Lin  
Xiao Qiong-Rui  
CHEN Shiang-Jiuun  
Wang Man-Ping  
YAO Jui-Chung  
Hu Yung-fen  
WANG Po-Wei  
Kao Chien-Hui  
Huang Chien-Hung  
Guo Jau-Lan  
SHEN Bo-Cheng  
WANG Yung-Lin  
Jamie Tu  
Cheng Huei-hwa  
WU Dar Kuen  
Tsai Ming-Jiun  
CHANG Ching-Wen  
Tsai Jia-Zhen  
Sean C.S. HU