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Photographic Sculpture
LEE Ming-Sheng
Photographic Sculpture
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Lungmen Art Gallery,Taipei.

1.The photographs in this exhibition took me nearly 4 years to complete, from 1983 -1986, taking portraits of well known artists throughout in my country TAIWAN. (1983 the idea won financial support from the “Artists Magazine” During the exhibition, “Artists Magazine” also published the book “Photographing Painters”,). The first book of artist’s portraiture to be published in my country TAIWAN.

2. Why I would want to shoot their own country "Artist Portrait plan it?
The origin of the idea is very simple. When I read in elementary school, in our classrooms around the arrangement of world-renowned scientists, poets, artists, thinkers, they are foreigners. Why?

3. During the four years of photography, I spent my days going in and out of the homes, studios, classrooms of these senior artists, even accompanying them on trips out to draw from life. In getting to know them, I asked them about their views on art, creativity, thought … I benefited from all kinds of realms of artistic concept and thought, it was as if I had taken on various kinds of professional training, it affected me deeply. At the same time it gave me a wider view on the road of art.

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