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Moon rabbit
Moon rabbit
color with sound
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The depth of the forest is a mystical space for me. There is a small span of primal woodland next to a busy street I walk past often. On a quiet night, you can hear the susurrus of insects from this enchanting little space; it reminds me of the fact that people still imagine a rabbit living in the moon, and I have always been very interested in this kind of mysterious atmosphere which triggers people’s feelings and imagination. Therefore, I am following up on the exploration of observation and imagination in my earlier work, “When I Look at the Moon,” by delving into the space of the woodland. At the end of the video, the beautiful taillights of the busy traffic seems to shine ambiguously upon the boundary between reality and myth…

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Wang Yahui’s works include videos, installations, and photographs. She has held residencies at Location One (New York, 2006), Cité des Arts (Paris, 2007), and the Helsinki International Artist Programme (Helsinki, 2010). Her work has been shown in ...
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WANG Ya-Hui, 2009, Photographic Art
WANG Ya-Hui, 2009,
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