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TING Li-Ping
Paper-Timing en Asia
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History right accuses the left hand, you crap!
History left strong choke right hand, funny business!
Crisis, crisis, poetry, poets in crisis,Man, this character, this person, this all About people, survival of the Art and the Art of survival.

Action poetry as the cornerstone of a human-centered view, human being, man, as a member of everyone;Faces up to the sudden change in environment, myths about human existence situation, emotional expression, complete the action of the poem.

Question in human ritual ceremonies, fulfilling the "human" poetry of action the implications:
Via the always precarious balance, measuring the social and historical context;Also measure the relationship between people and people, mutual need and mutual relationship between the density of our breathing space, or measuring a fleeting moment between the human!

10 artworks / 6 exhibition
Performance Art
Interdisciplinary artist born in Taiwan and work at Paris from 1989 to 2012. Language Spoken Read Write: French/English/Chinese+Dialect Taiwan as mother language Study Philosophy at Taipei Changchi University and get the Master of Theater E ...
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009~2010, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009-2011, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2013, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2012~2013, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014.06 & 10, Performance Art