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WU Tzu-Ning
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Cyber-Ring is artist’s former work as the first series of Cyclorama Digital Art Creation Series exhibited in NTMOFA (National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts) in 2008-2009. There are diversified imaginations on cyber virtual identities and cyber spatial fields, including her Cyberbeings Series which consists of images of desexualized figures, of a combination of animals, and of implying the Seven Deadly Sins. In addition, in Cyber Native Series a little girl is represented in the “Aboriginal-like” images through the artist’s self-portraiture. Ambling around in the cyberspace, the little girl, as if a giant Godzilla, a Flâneur wanders alone in the cyber world. Growing rapidly, the Internet technology has not only affected global lifestyles, but also developed a cyber popular culture, which circulates faster and faster. Netizens invent a distinctive language to communicate and develop a unique way to interactive among one another, and therefore they have transcended the boundaries of nation, race, gender, age, and so on. The postcolonial phenomenon of globalized cyber culture has already permeated through our daily lives and Cultural identities.

This work extends the “Cyberbeings” series since 2004. With the new 360° projection devices of NTMOFA and the mirror floor, a virtual space are created through the refractions and reflections of digital images. From the ring of cyber-images, this design tries to guide the audiences into a fantasy world with digital transmigrations and immortal logics of eternal life.

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