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One Black/One White
PENG Hung-Chih
One Black/One White
Single-channel video
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Two puppies from the same litter, one black and one white, are being fed in two bowls. This results in an elaborate and circular choreography as the dogs refuse to share the same bowl. Instead of happily ingesting its allotted portion, the white dog repeatedly goes after its sibling’s share, causing the black one to migrate to the other bowl. The pattern repeats itself until the bowls are empty and the dogs lick their chops and wander out of the frame. This simple and repetitious course of events proves mesmerizing. Although the actions of the two dogs might merely be an exercise of innate drives, one cannot help but read into them as expressions of conscious choice. Interpretable as a parable of human race relations, the piece also comments on the apparent instinctual resistance of all species, including our own, to share. Rather than enjoy what lies right below our nose, the neighbor’s nosh always seems the most appealing.

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Installation Art , Video Art , Painting
My artistic identity is no different than that of ordinary intellectuals in other disciplines, only it involves more artistic technique and aesthetic ability. I express common problems, just like a writer uses his pen to comment on current events, ...
PENG Hung-Chih, 2007, Video Art
PENG Hung-Chih, 2007, Video Art
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PENG Hung-Chih, 2006, Video Art
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