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PENG Hung-Chih
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Before Peng set off into the world of dogs, he tried to find possibilities for experiencing the world from the view of dogs. One result of this search was "One Eye Ball" (1999). In this work, he mounted LCD displays approximately the size of eyeglasses in a helmet and connected them through a trunk-like tube with a camera the size of a pinhead attached to the end of this trunk. The trunk reached to just below the knee of the viewer, in other words to just the height, where a dog's eyes would normally be. As soon as you put on the helmet, you see on the display what the camera records through the "dog eye". You can control the camera by hand or by moving the body and thus view the world from various perspectives. When viewers learn to deal with this new medium - an extension of their sensory organs - and adjust to it, they experience - as Marshall McLuhan already pointed out - a feeling of dizziness: it is as though they have to newly adapt all the nerves of their body to this situation, in order to experience the sensory perception conveyed by this new medium with its low-control and high-tech feeling. Thus the intention of this work does not consist solely in its implicit message: it is not intended to turn the hierarchical relationship between mankind and dog upside down, but rather to allow the viewer to experience the world directly from a "lower" standpoint. In other words, it intends to let you see your own image in the mirror and, beyond that, to activate all sensory functions and illustrate the predominance of visual perception in modern culture.

Text: Manray Hsu (Excerpts from "Do Dogs Wear Clothes? On Peng Hung-chih")

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Installation Art , Video Art , Painting
My artistic identity is no different than that of ordinary intellectuals in other disciplines, only it involves more artistic technique and aesthetic ability. I express common problems, just like a writer uses his pen to comment on current events, ...
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