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By a hair’s breadth
WU Tien-Chang
By a hair’s breadth
Digital Photography
120x200.3 cm
01 / 10

Artist Statement for Works between 2000 and 2010

Wu Tien Chang started to use computer in 2000. During that time, “digitalization” became exciting and challenging, through which Wu created a surreal tinge mixed with splendid flamboyant style. Although characters in his painting are usually wounded, blind, or handicapped, they always wear bright lipstick. In such an elegant classical atmosphere, the pretentious physical gestures seem particularly ambiguous. Their theatre-like absurdity expresses how the artist makes fun of the political/social life in a straightforward way. In fact, the purpose of his artistic practice is to explore the profundity of the hybrid Taiwanese culture and to search for the Nation’s soul which has been transformed.

9 artworks / 122 exhibition
Photographic Art , New Media Art , Video Art
While the impact of computerized digital art on traditional arts is inevitable and is becoming more and more obvious, how to keep tradition arts alive has become an serious issue for artist like me. It is with this concern that I wish to create a ...
WU Tien-Chang, 2008, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2001, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2006, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2010, New Media Art , Video Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2005, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2009, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2008, Photographic Art
WU Tien-Chang, 2002, Photographic Art