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Fluid sounds project- Transience
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"I want to present a kind to be mixed static which the short sound forms."

"I often contemplate that at present every connected moment, in effect, represents an individual and complete experience. However, it is hardly noted from the current instant due to the fact that each of them derives from varied origins and then keeps moving on to different directions." - Tseng Wei-Hao.

"Transience" is the motif of Tseng Wei-Hao’s solo exhibition in 2011, which aims to convey the ambiguous states generated by the transient perception of everyday life. Through his latest creation of New Media Art, he artfully utilizes a relation of acoustic waves between sounds and noises as a metaphor to interpret this concept; an existing moment of realities seems imperceptible yet traceable. In other words, every momentary happening is not merely an occasional coincidence, but in effect, it represents a consequence of several connective links. Tseng Wei-Hao parallels such an idea with the possible ways through which the resonating strength of sound waves influences the movement of water drops. To a further degree, the artist attempts to invite viewers to reflect upon this indistinct relation between cause and effect by their personal participation in his works of art. It can be stated that Transience offers a channel through which to discover a feasible-inclined exist from such ambiguities of the real life.

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New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2008, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2007, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2006, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2009, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2011, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2008, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2008, New Media Art
TSENG Wei-Hao, 2006, New Media Art