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Sound Bulb
Sound Bulb
Dimensions Variable
01 / 10

Medium: 8 x Sound Bulb, 8 x Karaoke Amplifier, 8 x Custom Electronics (Digital Volume Controller)

Sound Bulb, the sound installation in which different volume of feedback sound generate through microphone and speaker randomly. The small speaker and tiny microphone is inside the same glass bulb. The sound from the small speaker is picked up by the tiny microphone, a “feedback loop” is created. The volume of the “feedback loop” is controlled by the microcontroller, digital resistor and relay randomly while the rhythm of sound/silence unconsciously formulates the soundscape of insect world. The bulb as a container varies different sono-signals by its shape.

Instead of mostly using the PITCH to compose sound work, sound bulb unconventionally by using just the VOLUME creates a purified soundscape of the nature. In the endless circles of sound generation inside the bulb, every moment of silence is the birth of new sound. The silence/sound are as the Yin/Yang of TAICHI, the two elements composing the whole universe.

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New Media Art
As the Director of Trans-Sonic Lab in the Center of Art and Technology at Taipei National University of the Arts, Wang Fu-Jui is well-known for his sound art and interactive art. In 1993, he established "Noise", the very first experimental music b ...
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