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HO Ching-Tai
Tang Hai-Qing
Tu Sheng (Nicknamed Mongolia)
Zhou Shi-Qin
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1. Tang Hai-Qing
Tang Hai-Qing, 76 years old, came from Jiangsu. He was raised by a poor family, so he had no choice but joined the army. During the civil war of KMT and CPC, his army was defeated in Shanghai Siege War, which soldiers was scattered. He later followed refugees to Taiwan. He lost his Military Identification so his identity was denied. He failed in small business and soon ran out of money. He moved to a nearby cemetery. He took coffin boards as walls and piled tombs as steps, eventually having a place to stay.

2. Tu Sheng (Nicknamed Mongolia)
Tu, 60 years old, was jobless and came from Uygur, Xingjian, China. In 1947, when KMT withdrew from mainland China, Tu led his bothers and escaped to Pakistan. Later he had been through a lot before arriving Taiwan. He had pulled riksha for a senator. After the death of the senator, he was left alone. He joined the gangster in Wanhua. He had committed homicide and was thrown to jail. Also he had been a toilet guard. “Wine” was the only companion he had.

3. Zhou Shi-Qin
Zhou, 65 years old, unmarried, had no household register. He followed KMT’s army to Taiwan in 1947 and retired from the army early. He was a manual worker and security guard of a factory. Currently he lives at a cemetery. He had received veteran subsidy of 5000 NTD. He lived on recycling.

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Photographic Art
Ching-Tai Ho is an overseas Chinese born in Korea in 1956. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Chen-Chi University in 1982. He worked as a photographer of Commonwealth Magazine, the Independence Morning Post, the Independence Evening P ...
HO Ching-Tai, , Photographic Art
HO Ching-Tai, , Photographic Art