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The File of White Terror
HO Ching-Tai
Jiang Bi-Yu
Lee Ming-Hui (Pseudonym)
Chen Bo-Yuan
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1. Jiang Bi-Yu
She was born in Yilan, 1921, and adopted by Jiang Wei-Shui. In August, 1950, she and her husband Zhong Hao-Dong (Principle of Keelong High School) were arrested and sent to the prison. In January, 1951, she was released, which was after six months of sentence. Later her husband was executed by gun shot in the prison.

2. Lee Ming-Hui
Lee was born in Jiangjun, Tainan, 1929. He was sent to the prison in 1950 and released in 1963, which was a 13 sentence and 3 years of reformation. Lee suggested, “In fact, I do not abide to any philosophy. What I really care is how to change the injustice in this society, so the poor can change their fate through hard work. This is what I truly believed.”

3. Chen Bo-Yuan
Chen was born in Tainan, 1926. He was sent to the prison in 1959 because of the conviction of participation in rebel organization. He was released in January, 1975 after 15 years of sentence. Chen suggested, “Before Taiwan was recovered from Japanese colonization, I studied industry in Japan. Upon hearing that Taiwan had been recovered from Japan, my family took the first ship to Taiwan. …Beholding how messy the society had become, how publicly corruption had prevailed, I could not help but resent the government. …Looking back from now, I think my anti-government philosophy was compelled by the society.”

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Photographic Art
Ching-Tai Ho is an overseas Chinese born in Korea in 1956. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Chen-Chi University in 1982. He worked as a photographer of Commonwealth Magazine, the Independence Morning Post, the Independence Evening P ...
HO Ching-Tai, , Photographic Art
HO Ching-Tai, , Photographic Art