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Do You Dream of Electric Sheep?
Do You Dream of Electric Sheep?
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Do You Dream of Electric Sheep?
Time passes day after day
People tend to think of a routine as something unchanging
The phrase “the seas run dry and the rocks crumble” sounds like an everlasting promise for them

Nowadays, there is nothing everlasting
It is so easy for everything to break apart

On the Earth
Human beings had been extinct since long ago

We operate as androids created in pre-extinct Japan
If we do not lift our skulls and chests to let you look at our internal circuit arrangement
You might be mistakenly thinking that we are human beings who have been parasitizing Earth

We obediently live our routine lives
Our body movements follow a program

We have accumulated wisdom of thousands of years and created blue-collar robots
Secretly speaking
You ask the white-collars if they have a real physical body
This is a very rude question
The white-collars know that they do not have a real physical body
And yet they claim to be a species of evolution

There already are no living organisms on the heavily polluted earth
At least I can not see them with my electric eyes

I am aware of you, ancient humans,
Looking at us, androids, with your souls from a distance

We are already able to produce copies of ourselves
Just like ancient people in the past were able to manufacture motor vehicles

We also have self-awareness
But we were created according to your appearance and abilities
We are intended to become an universal formula for reference

Most of us are not aware that we are androids
This is highly confidential, just like there always were many confidentialities in the pre-extinct United States

For those who look at us from a distance, it is an archeological research
It also helps other galaxies to study how mankind disappeared

Earth was not hit by a comet, yet all got extinct
This is something what triggers the wonder in life forms of many other galaxies

The mode of operation is very interesting in different systems
Everything is calculated by a formula
If everything comes to a dead end
The fastest way is to use a nuclear bomb
To redistribute wealth and to set up new rules

At the moment of destruction
The most important part is under protection, therefore it can not be affected
If you do not receive a notice
Most likely you are going to be one of those who will be destroyed at the end of the world

You do not need to be afraid
Because we have already coded your android
To make another ‘you’ is actually not going to be difficult

Mankind long ago became extinct, only that you do not realize it
We will also become extinct no matter what
How incredible it is
No wonder there is a saying
Sinful mankind

Therefore, I was given a task to find a way of how to stop people from self-extinction
I’m still working on it

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Born in Nantou in 1980, I-Chun Chen entered the Doctoral Program in Art Creation and Theory at Tainan National University of the Arts in 2010 after receiving her master’s degree from the Graduate School of Arts & Technology at Taipei National Univ ...
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