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MADE IN TAIWAN—History Section: Yun Mountain Memorandum, Lily Memorandum. Zealandia Memorandum, Tayouan Memorandum
YANG Mao-Lin
Yun Mountain Memorandum L9103
mixed media
193.5x96.5 cm
Yun Mountain Memorandum L9105
Oil , Arcylic , Canvas
194x97 cm
Lily Memorandum L9304
Oil , Arcylic , Canvas
194x112 cm
Zealandia Memorandum L9301
Oil , Arcylic , Canvas
112x194 cm
Zealandia Memorandum XL9302
Oil , Arcylic , Canvas
218x292 cm
Tayouan Memorandum Tiger L9501
Arcylic , Oil , Canvas
218x146 cm
Tayouan Memorandum‧Born to be Together II 2/3
mixed media
Painting, 212x130cm x3; Installation, 152x92x92 cm, 180x180 cm
01 / 10

In 1989, Yang Mao-lin embarked on his “Made in Taiwan” creative period and in 1991 began to focus on “History,” including Yun Mountain Memorandum, Zealandia Memorandum and Lily Memorandum. In contrast to Yang’s earlier strident emotional expressiveness, these works are filled with calmer still life symbolic images which allude to the artist’s inner feelings. In addition, beginning with works such as N Ways of Understanding Carrot and The Phantom of a Deer, Yang Mao-lin began to focus on post martial law social phenomenon and discuss Taiwanese identity, as part of an effort to debate Taiwanese history and culture. He also adopted crafting, critical and satirical methods in an effort to draw attention to the widespread pursuit of self identification at that time.

In the early years, Taiwan was subject to the history and culture of outside forces and this has led to much confusion and emotional discomfort when considering self identification. In this period, more people sought to explore their own identity and “Taiwanese culture” and against this backdrop it could be said that the interpretative focus of Yang Mao-lin’s History is the selection of an historical viewpoint. Other than heightening the intellectual reflection in Yang’s pictures, this approach also reminds people of the importance of self identification and cultural subjectivism.

12 artworks / 225 exhibition
Installation Art , Sculpture , Painting
The history of Taiwan is replete with numerous cultural interactions, the constant interplay of which has resulted in the evolution of unique cultural DNA. Over many years, Yang Mao-lin has consistently used art as a vehicle to express his opinion ...
YANG Mao-Lin, 2003-2006, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2012-, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2009-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 1989-1991, Painting
YANG Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2006-2009, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting
YANG Mao-Lin, 2007-2009, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2002-2003, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2005-2007,