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MADE IN TAIWAN—Culture Section: Culture Intercourse Tayouan History—Inviting the Immortals I, Baby, You’re Amazing—Inviting the Immortals II
YANG Mao-Lin
King Kong and Young Beauties
Arcylic , Canvas , Oil
116.5x160 cm
Fat Prick of Steel King Kong
Arcylic , Canvas , Oil
208x292 cm
Surperman and Wu-Kong
Arcylic , Canvas , Oil
194x260 cm
Ultraman and Vibrator
Oil , Arcylic , Canvas
194x260 cm
Are You Lonesome Tonight
Computer Production , Canvas
204x140cm x3
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr.Yang
computer-generated imagery(CGI)
130x194 cm
01 / 10

The “Culture Section” of Yang’s MADE IN TAIWAN series represents an important turning point in his work. His sudden conceptual developmen t and dramatic changes in subject matter were the result of enrolling at the National Institute of the Arts (today’s Taipei National University of the Arts), where he assiduously studied for his graduate degree from 1999 to 2002, and his incorporation of new computer imaging techniques. Unlike his “Political Section” cr itical of current affairs and his “History Section” concerned with distant history, Yang’s “Culture Sec tion” relies on references to pān-sian (扮仙 playing the role of God, a form of Chinese folk opera), pop-culture, comic-book characters, and a blend of wúlítóu (無厘頭 makes no sense) and e’gao (惡搞 kuso) humor. In this new section, Yang subverts aestheticism and good taste by mixing frivolity, insolence and sexually suggestive imagery to create outlandish and nearly erotic works.

12 artworks / 225 exhibition
Installation Art , Sculpture , Painting
The history of Taiwan is replete with numerous cultural interactions, the constant interplay of which has resulted in the evolution of unique cultural DNA. Over many years, Yang Mao-lin has consistently used art as a vehicle to express his opinion ...
YANG Mao-Lin, 2005-2007,
YANG Mao-Lin, 1991-1995, Painting
YANG Mao-Lin, 2003-2006, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2002-2003, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2009-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 1989-1991, Painting
YANG Mao-Lin, 2010-2011, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2007-2009, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2006-2009, Sculpture
YANG Mao-Lin, 2012-, Sculpture