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SONARIUM In-Ouïr collectif Sound Installation + live performance
TING Li-Ping
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Zhuang Zhou 莊周夢 thought: Nerver mind the dreaming subject distinguished or none,to be free of body shape changing phenomenon, to maintain the freedom of independency of subject Zhuang Zhou 莊周心齋 thought: is not to be moved by the external changing phenomena, with quiet minds, held constant physical and mental balance.

Zhuang Zhou莊周以明: keep wisdom in living truth.
Body building as an Sounding Architectural thinking center, through the voice of Vipassana perspective, the correspondence between the human internal structures and external sounds environment" (As Greek philosophy SOMA); human body is the storage memory as the foundation of the inner experience, the sound vibrations through music noise silence, evoking our Body-Mind internal echo.

Keep adhering to Zhuang Zhou philosophy wisdom 莊周以明心齋夢蝶, with my Vipassana medical building, with air and water, and even the sun vibration frequency, rhythm, echo feelings, to be with as the" echo of sounding architecture -"

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Performance Art
Interdisciplinary artist born in Taiwan and work at Paris from 1989 to 2012. Language Spoken Read Write: French/English/Chinese+Dialect Taiwan as mother language Study Philosophy at Taipei Changchi University and get the Master of Theater E ...
TING Li-Ping, 2009-2011, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2013, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014.06 & 10, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2014, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2012~2013, Performance Art
TING Li-Ping, 2009~2010, Performance Art