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TCAA August Work Report
2023 . 09 . 01

【New Artists in August】


CHEN Chao-Tung


In response to the ultra-high speed of networks and the absoluteness of advanced technological development today, I have been experimenting with a slow creation mode in my recent artworks through translation. This does not mean I create at a slow speed, but rather I have been incorporating an additional step of translation into my creation process. Accordingly, the original linear line of thought has transformed into a tortuous, non-linear model, which renders the conventional visual experience ineffective. During leisurely-paced translation, a divergent path, a misinterpretation of meaning or an absurd state of futileness arises instead. I have been searching for a possibility of opening a dialogue with the decisiveness and swiftness of modern times through such zigzagging, unhurried translation processes.


SOLO EXHIBITION|2022, 〈Bandwidth〉, Beyond Gallery Plus One , Taipei , Taiwan. 2021, 〈Offshore Stardust〉, Absolute Space for the Arts, Tainan, Taiwan.

GROUP EXHIBITION|2023, 〈Revisit〉, King Car Cultural & Art Center Chengde Space , Taipei, Taiwan. 2022, 〈FreeS Art Space  x 2022 ART FUTURE〉, Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taipei, Taiwan.


 CHEN Chao-tung in TCAAhttps://tcaaarchive.org/artist/chen-chao-tung/