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TCAA February Work Report
2023 . 02 . 25

【New Artists in February】



✦Your Bros

Your Bros. filmmaking group is an informal filmmaking group formed by three amateurs in Taiwan. Each member comes from a different field of art: video artists, architects, art history researchers, theater critics. We believe that immaturity is exactly our own peculiarity. We focus on field research during the process of filmmaking, creative workshops, unforeseen circumstances, flexible scripts that can be changed in different situations.
Filmmaking as a method, re-interpreting reality, endowing it with an aesthetic form, and transforming it into a medium of thinking.
GROUP EXHIBITION|2022《Unaccounted Travelogue》, MoCA Taipei , Taipei , Taiwan.
AWARD|2022「South Taiwan Film Festival」, “Ký Túc Xá or (Dorm)”, Best Narrative Shorts Competition Grand Prize, Taiwan, Tainan.「14th DMZ International Documentary Film Festival」,”Ký Túc Xá or (Dorm)”, Shorts Competition Grand Prize,Gyeonggido , South Korea.
PUBLICATION|2022《Recalling the Memory of Tattaka》, Your Bros.
Your bros in TCAA|https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/your-bros/


CHEN Wei-Chen

Chen wei-chen was born in 1993, in Taipei, Taiwan.
For Chen, The origin of art is contemplated through observations made on everyday materials. Through practice and reconsideration of concepts such as ready-made, appropriation, and classic beauty, trajectories are extended from self-experience, cultural identity and circumstantial consciousness. Attempts are also made to allow materials under the artist’s control to be seen in ways that are different from their usual controlled and disciplined functions, meaning, and referential qualities.
SOLO EXHIBITION|2021《Silver Dust》, YIRI ARTS , Taipei, Taiwan.
GROUP EXHIBITION|2022《Home-The 32th Anniversary Exhibition of Galerie Pierre》, Galerie Pierre , Taichung , Taiwan.《Nepsresso, the future garden》, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park , Taipei , Taiwan.
AWARD|2021「Kaohsiung Award」, Selected, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
CHEN Wei-Chen in TCAA|https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/chen-wei-chen/


【Update Artists in February】


✦Isa HO

Latest News:
SOLO EXHIBITION|2022《Spatial Disorientation, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan.
GROUP EXHIBITION|2022《VIDEODROME X DE RENAVA》BONIFACIO CONTEMPORARY ART BIENNIALE,  Corsica , France.《I am Who I am–Artists’ Self-Constructing Journey》, Shung Ye Museum of Formosan fine arts, Taipei, Taiwan.
Isa HO in TCAA|https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/isaho/


✦Lin Yu-Hsuan

Latest News:
CURATION|2023《Into a Compound Scene》, New Taipei Gallery, New Taipei, Taiwan. 2022《Over the Rainbow》, YIRI ARTS, Taipei, Taiwan.
Lin Yu-Hsuan in TCAAhttps://tcaaarchive.org/artist/lin-yu-hsuan/