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TCAA May Work Report
2023 . 05 . 27

【New Artists in May】

✦ TSAI Pou-Ching ✦

Born in 1986, Taiwan, Chiayi. Live and work in Tainan. Pou Ching mostly work with image and installation, his practice often provokes common ideologies within imagination among desire, gender and social structure issues.
Pou Ching cleverly make up playful yet fragmented information with knowledge systems and symbols, leading audience to re-examine their blind faith in knowledge system and science methodology in the process of watching. By doing so, audience will be able to use their own physical experience as a channel for self-reflection on the authenticity of so-called ‘Knowledge of Nature’ and how people use it to define their relations with other creatures. CURRICULUM VITAE
SOLO EXHIBITION|2022, 〈THREE BIRDS〉, YIRI ARTS , Taipei , Taiwan. 2022, 〈Laborat 207〉, Zit-Dim , Tainan, Taiwan.
GROUP EXHIBITION|2022, 〈Sound Bite〉, Taoyuan Children’s Art Center , Taoyuan, Taiwan. 2022, 〈Strolling in the Park—Forest mountains, Peacocks and Re-nature〉, Chiayi Art Museum , Chiayi, Taiwan.
TSAI Pou-Ching in TCAA|https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/tsai-pou-ching/


 HUNG Hsuan

Born in 1992 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan
SOLO EXHIBITION|2022, 〈Moon-eyed─Hung Hsuan’s Solo Exhibition〉, Red Gold Fine Art, Taipei, Taiwan.
GROUP EXHIBITION|2022, 〈Kaohsiung Award〉, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. 2022, 〈TDCC Contemporary Art Awards〉, National Taiwan University of Arts OMUSEUM International Hall, New Taipei, Taiwan.
HUNG Hsuan in TCAA|https://tcaaarchive.org/artist/hung-hsuan/