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Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC)
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Open Contemporary Art Center (OCAC) is an artist collective founded in Banqiao, Taipei in 2001. During its beginning years, OCAC launched programs such as artist studios, book clubs, presentations, exhibitions, and lectures to allow members and art lovers to understand and appreciate the different histories, forms, and systems of modern and contemporary art.

OCAC has changed several locations since its birth: City District, Taipei (2010), Bangkok, Thailand (2012), Shilin, Taipei (2013), and Datong District, Taipei (2016). The collective has established connections with Thai artists in the recent years, and initiated the ThaiTai Project, bridging art practitioners in Taiwan and Thailand. OCAC continues to develop relationships with artists and art spaces in various parts of the world.

With its nine current members as practicing artists, OCAC is a think-tank and platform for discussion, production, and inspiration. The members are active in the contemporary art scene as individual practitioners, but also come together as an alliance to push for diverse dialogues and artistic possibilities.

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