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“A database provides all kinds of possibilities because it is accessible to the largest population.”

World known art curator Han Ulrich Obrist describes curators as hunters in the fields all over the world. In the past, art curators had to travel extensively for their pursuits of ideas and materials, nowadays they can hunt through cloud database accessible from all over the world. In response to the trend of art and the needs of art creators, The Association of the Visual Art in Taiwan(AVAT) established a cloud database Taiwan Contemporary Art Archive(TCAA). The preparation of TCAA began in July 2013 and it inaugurated in Feb 19, 2014. TCAA is a free online platform for the public with sections covering the growing genres of Taiwan’s contemporary art. It is an integral database connecting local artists to the international art society as well as the academic world. From researchers to curators, any user of TCAA will be informed with the development of Taiwan’s contemporary art.

The Archive is a lasting long-term project, it kicked off when the objectives of the early phase has achieved and will continue to expand its content. Users are provided with the most comprehensive and updated materials for their academic or curatorial work.

The Index of the database is in accordance with the commonly accepted art categories. They are: Performance Art, Video Art, New Media Art, Installation Art, Photographic Art, Painting Art, Sculptural Art, and Curators/Art Critics. The keywords of each section help outline and connect artists, their works and exhibitions, art events, art discourse among other issues. The information gathered here dates back to the 1980s, documenting the recent development and the conditions of contemporary Taiwanese art. Each section contains the biographies of artists, their artistic/curatorial concepts and major art activities, such as significant exhibitions. Introduction of artist groups, criticism of individual artworks as well as art exhibitions are also included. The format of the information are digitalized texts, images, video, documents or manuscripts.

The crew of TCAA consists of volunteered curators, artists, art critics, researchers and students from graduate schools. Each year the members reteam according to the new missions in order to construct a platform that can best serve its users. The members entrusted their cooperative partner A COPY OF A COPY with the database’s information architecture design, web design and programming.
Established on 6th February 1999, Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) is a nation-wide artist group. Our members are including artists, curators, art critics, art theorists, art managers, art educators, art galleries, art agencies, and artist groups. It successfully integrates all professions in visual art, presenting the vitality and the uniqueness of the world of art.

The mission statement of AVAT is “to serve artists,” offering visual art professionals services such as welfare consultation, specialized resource information, or legal consultation. It helps develops, integrates, and supervises the existing resource of visual art industry, while it also serves as a communicational channel between art professionals and the government, encouraging their mutual interaction, improving the general public’s –including the government and private enterprises – understanding of arts, and creating a better environment for a long-term cultural development within the country. Therefore, each successive board is very active in participating various government-organized meetings or conferences related to visual art, such as the discussion on arts policy and the government subsidy for art projects as well as different kinds of art/culture-related meetings. As a specialized organization, AVAT has made great effort to speak up for artists and to fight for the rights they deserve. The annual event “Artist Fair” has reached its 12th year since it first started in 2002, and it perfectly demonstrates the equity of art. The “City-to-City Cultural Exchange Conference” among Hong Kong, Taipei, Shenzhen, and Shanghai invites the four cities to share their experience of cultural development as cities of creativities. The service “Art Flow for Enterprises,” a project extended from the research on the idea of “national art bank” in 2013, focuses on public welfare such as art education, art professionals, and the economics of art. Furthermore, AVAT is enthusiastic to participate in social issues from the perspective of art, re-establishing artists’ roles in the society.
Principle Investigator of TCAA|JIAN Tzu-Chieh
Project Investigator of Keywords|TSAI Ming-Jiun
Project Manager|TSAI Ping-Ju
Research Fellow of Keywords|LIU Wen-Chi, YANG Jie-Huai
Research Fellow of TCAA|HONG Yi-Jeng
Translator of Keywords|HUANG Liang-jung
Principle Investigator of TCAA|JIAN Tzu-Chieh
Project Manager|TSAI Ping-Ju
Principle Investigator of TCAA|LOH Li-Chen
National Culture and Arts Foundation : 2015, 2016
The Ministry of Culture : 2013, 2015, 2017, 2018, 2019
Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government : 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019