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LAI Yi-Hsin
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Born in 1980 in Taiwan, Lai received her doctorate degree in 2011 from University of Westminster, Visual Culture Course. Her research primarily focused on the development of contemporary art and media. After returning to Taiwan in 2011, Lai founded Art Square Taiwan as a space to present art and culture through professional curatorial practices. Each year, artists are invited to participate in a residency program with themes such as “Memory of the City,” “Mobilized Imagination,” and “Legend of the City.” As part of continuing research in postcolonial urban space, the periphery, and reflection of self and the other, exhibitions are curated around city patterns and movements, their cultural meanings, and memories of the residents. Lai has curated the following exhibitions: Rebirth of Doom – Art and Cultural Dialogues between Taiwan & Macau (Creative Macau, 2014), There Has Been (Fotoaura Institute of Photography, 2014), and Articipation & Nextension: Next Art Tainan (2014).

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Reading Tainan – Solo Exhibition By Ariel Kuo
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There has been
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2014 City's Artist-in-Residence and Exhibition Programme “City・Memory - the imaginations in fluidity"
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