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Ching-Tai Ho is an overseas Chinese born in Korea in 1956. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Chen-Chi University in 1982. He worked as a photographer of Commonwealth Magazine, the Independence Morning Post, the Independence Evening Post, China Times News Weekly, Commercial Times, Photo Director of Playboy, Chinese edition. Now he is the Deputy Editor of Ming-Bao. In 1990, he had a solo exhibit "Shadowed Life" in Sunny Photo Gallery, Taipei. In 1991, "File of White Terror" was shown in Taipei Jazz Photo Gallery, Taipei. In 1995, "Industrial Injury, Taiwan Version" was shown in Eslite Bookstore, Taipei Photo Gallery. Meanwhile he participated in "Brussels International Arts Festival," Brussels. He is honored with Taipei Cultural Award in 2003.

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The Color of the Kapok Blossom: Occupational Injury Victims
Locus Publishing

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Occupational Death
1. Shi Wen-Xiu (1964-1998), 34 years old Shi was a part-time worker of Central Weather Bureau. Shi died from a car accident, which the car was crashed down to the hill because the driver could not see clearly under the bad weather. 2. Chen Jing-Cheng (1952-1997), 45 years old Chen Jing-Cheng (1952-1997), 45 years old Chen was a mechanic supervisor and was hit to death by a car during his duty. 3. Zhang A-Ting (1948-1996), 48 years-old Zhang A-Ting (1948-1996), ...
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The File of White Terror
1. Jiang Bi-Yu She was born in Yilan, 1921, and adopted by Jiang Wei-Shui. In August, 1950, she and her husband Zhong Hao-Dong (Principle of Keelong High School) were arrested and sent to the prison. In January, 1951, she was released, which was after six months of sentence. Later her husband was executed by gun shot in the prison. 2. Lee Ming-Hui Lee was born in Jiangjun, Tainan, 1929. He was sent to the prison in 1950 and released in 1963, which was a 13 sentence and 3 ye ...
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1. Tang Hai-Qing Tang Hai-Qing, 76 years old, came from Jiangsu. He was raised by a poor family, so he had no choice but joined the army. During the civil war of KMT and CPC, his army was defeated in Shanghai Siege War, which soldiers was scattered. He later followed refugees to Taiwan. He lost his Military Identification so his identity was denied. He failed in small business and soon ran out of money. He moved to a nearby cemetery. He took coffin boards as walls and piled tombs as ste ...
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